This year The Creators of Colour Incubator (CCI) program will be a year-round development and production hub incorporating both Canadian and United Kingdom residents. It is inclusive of all genders and of colour producers and directors that aims to create strong, compelling and sustainable media content for the global market.

The ultimate goal of the CCI is to increase the pool of world-class indigenous film and television content so as to build global audio-visual capacity.

Creating Compelling World Class Content

The Creators of Colour Incubator Program, previously called CaribbeanTales Incubator has hosted over 80 producers from around the world in the last 11 years.

The Program has evolved and in 2014 for the first time, we have re-designed it to encourage, and facilitate the creation of long-running series content. Our reasons for this are primarily market-driven, in terms of what will be sustainable and popular in the current global economic climate.

In our inaugural year, we had a staggering 25 filmmakers across the region participate in the launch of our incubator.

Since then, we have tailored our programming to a specific selection process to include only a maximum of 15 participants a year to accommodate the intensive nature of the program to ensure adequate training both in group and one-one sessions for the participants.

Experienced Mentors

Our mentors work in film and television and are committed to helping the next generations of filmmakers.

Digital, Domestic Diaspora Distribution


Laying the Groundwork

The Creators of Colour Incubator program is designed to find, nurture, and produce compelling media content for film, television and the web, from BIPOC producers and creators for international distribution. The aim is to increase the monetization potential of intellectual property of indigenous audio-visual content, and thus lay the groundwork for our industry’s viability and sustainability over the longer term. We know that this begins with content creators and producers.

Personal Consultations

Our goal is to hone strong story-telling skills; set and develop high technical audiovisual standards; increase the professionalization of the industry; enhance stakeholder relations and ‘spike’ the growth of audiences and markets, thereby resulting in a socio-economic impact in terms of sustainable exports and employment, especially of the youth; and the growth of creative entrepreneurship of media artists belonging to diverse and underrepresented backgrounds

International Market

There exists a strong need for leading companies and film commissioners such as yourself to work with us to bring BIPOC film and TV producers to a broader international market.


Big Pitch Audience Award Winner

Victoria Anderson-Gardner & Laura Friedman for the feature drama


Big Pitch Jury Winner

Lisa Rideout
for the feature documentary

“What Night Taught Them”


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