About the Micro-Credentials Program


CaribbeanTales’ Micro-Credentials for Black Media Professionals (CTBMC) harnesses the superior expertise of experienced Black media industry professionals who are at the top of their respective fields.

Targeted at Emerging Filmmakers

  • Aiming to fill a critical gap by providing accessible online tools for skills development

  • Increases the chances of employability for the program’ participants

  • Adding qualified Black professionals in various critical roles to the industry

Why Did We Start The Program?

Throughout time, Black people have been underrepresented in screen based industries, hindering their ability to build and sustain a career in the Film and TV industry.


Representation Matters!

This Program shines a much needed light on those successful Black individuals who are at the top of their respective fields. So, it ensures that Black creators are mentored by people who look like them.


Course Instructors

Your course instructors are highly experienced mentors that will build and strengthen the participants’ technical skills and practical know-how, allowing them to become more confident as they fit into their desired roles and levels of experience within the film and television industry.


Specialised Courses

The Program consists of specialised courses that provide expertise, skills training and practical abilities within a range of roles in the media arts industry.  Course participants will gain sound, theoretical knowledge and active, practical experience as they complete these micro-credential courses. 


Each Course Curriculum will include hands-on learning projects, online support materials, facilitated group discussions, and other practical resources. On the completion of each course, a Course Evaluation will be done.

Offering Specialised Courses

These courses will facilitate greater insight into the role(s) you choose within the industry. Ranging from Emerging to Advanced Level, they will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to bolster you in your chosen path within the film industry.
All the courses are taught and led by experienced filmmakers in their respective fields. As mentors, they will give you more detailed insights from their own experience — that will aid you throughout this Program and throughout your career.
You will also have access to course packages that will feature practical exercises that are specific to each role. The goal is to put what you have learnt into your everyday practice. Every exercise will provide you with opportunities to connect with other participants in the program.

Cinematographer Course

The cinematographer is the right hand to the director and one of the most important members of the crew. He/she ensures that the director’s vision comes to life. Through this course, participants will gain vast knowledge and expertise in telling a story through the lens.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of the Cinematographer.
  • The basics of visual storytelling.
  • Using the Camera to tell the story.
  • Creating your own shot list and visual plan

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • The technical side of Cinematographer
  • Creating the picture on a larger scale
  • The Genre and the Visuals

Course Start Date: May 2022

Production Manger Course

The Production Manager performs the administrative and clerical tasks of a production company and/or film crew. Through this course, participants will gain a vast range of knowledge and insight on what planning and organizing happens ahead of and during production.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of Production Manager
  • Pre-Production: Scheduling, Organization and Documentation
  • Hiring a production team and working with them 
  • Developing a budget
  • The Production stage

Course Start Date: August 2022

Writer Course

The writer is one of the initial creators in the filmmaking process and one of the first to bring the story to life. This course will put the craft of screenwriting into the forefront. It will enable participants to gain sound knowledge and expertise in storytelling, story structure and screenwriting that will enhance their performance throughout their respective careers.

Level – Emerging

  • The role of the Writer in film
  • Bringing your story to life on the page
  • Story structure
  • How to break into the industry

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Approaching the Producer
  • The basics of Pitching
  • From Writer to Show-runner
  • Working in a Writer’s Room

Course Start Date: September 2022

Gaffer Course

The Gaffer, the Chief Lighting Technician, is the Head of the Lighting Department. This is a vital role. The Gaffer works closely with the Cinematographer and is responsible for the design of the lighting plan for a production. Through this course, the participants will gain insight and knowledge on becoming a Gaffer and how to work in a production’s Lighting department.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of the Gaffer
  • Working with the Cinematographer 
  • Visual storytelling
  • Working with the Lighting Team

Course Start Date: October 2022

Composer/Sound Designer Course

Music and Sound is an important factor in shaping the overall mood of a film. Through this course, the participants will gain insight and  knowledge on how to become a composer and sound designer and how to work as a composer and as a sound designer in the industry.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of the Composer and Sound Designer 
  • The role Music & Sound plays in film
  • Working with the Director’s vision

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Tools needed for Sound Design and Composing
  • The art of mixing
  • Working with your files

Course Start Date: November 2022

Director Course

The director determines the creative vision of a film and works with many creators to bring that vision to life. Throughout this course you will gain more knowledge and expertise to realize your vision through the art of direction.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of Directing
  • Breaking down storyboards and shot lists
  • Narrative Filmmaking: Telling your story on the screen
  • Working with actors

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Collaborating with the Cinematographer
  • Approaching the Producer
  • Get hired as a Director
  • Working with the Crew

Course Start Date: December 2022

Producer Course

The producer wears many hats, and he/she needs to have the most information possible to navigate the film and television industries. Through this course, participants will gain a vast range of knowledge and expertise that they will be able to utilize throughout their career.  

Level – Emerging

  • What is the main role of the Producer? The Hats You Wear.
  • Fundraising for film: FUNDING 101
  • Safety First
  • Working with the A-List Crew

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Pitching Your Projects to studios and other companies
  • Managing Talent
  • Distributing & Marketing
  • How to gauge what you will produce next – when you stop pitching and start accepting

Course Start Date: January 2023

Actor Course

The Actor’s plays an integral role in the quality of a film. Through this course, participants will learn how to get started in their career and learn useful techniques used to elevate their performance.

Level – Emerging

  • Introduction to Acting
  • The audition process
  • How to become an Actor
  • The tools needed as working actor

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Working with your Director
  • Useful acting techniques
  • The importance of networking and representation 
  • Being a Black Canadian actor in the industry

Course Start Date: February 2023

Location Manager Course

The Location Manager is responsible for finding and securing all locations for a production. Through this course, participants will gain knowledge on the necessary steps taken to lock down a location.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of the Location Manager
  • Working with the director’s Vision
  • Locations Scouting: How to Find the Right Place
  • Locking Down the Location
  • Maintaining the space

Course Start Date: March 2023

Editor Course

The editor is the silent creator of the film. Putting the pieces together is one of the most important roles within the industry. Throughout this course, the participants will learn how to edit films and how to navigate being an editor in the industry.

Level – Emerging

  • The Art of Editing
  • Working with other Creatives
  • Storytelling through Pictures
  • From Assistant Editor to Picture Editor

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Working with the software
  • The editing process
  • Experimenting with your editing
  • Editing techniques

Course Start Date: April 2023

Broadcaster Course

Broadcasters provide another way to distribute your films to the mass audiences. With insights from experts in the field, you will learn about the power of broadcasting in Canadian film.

Level – Emerging

  • The role of broadcasting in film
  • How to find which broadcaster works for your film
  • Film for TV vs. Film for the Big Screen
  • Pitching to a Broadcaster

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • Getting your foot in the door with broadcasters
  • Networking with broadcasters
  • Knowing which project is made for broadcast
  • Being a black broadcaster

Course Start Date:  May 2023

Marketing / Public Relations Course

Marketing yourself, your film, and your business is a large part of putting yourself out into the industry and into building connections. Throughout this course, the participants will learn, not just only about marketing their own work, but also about marketing their films.

Level – Emerging

  • The Role of Marketing in the film industry
  • Why Marketing yourself is important
  • The Power of the Portfolio: Marketing  your film
  • Social media and the film industry

Level – Advanced/Experienced

  • The role of a Publicist/Media Consultant
  • Creating a Marketing Plan for your film
  • Becoming a Media Consultant
  • How to build the PR for your film

Course Start Date: April 2023

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