The focus for CCI 2021 is on Canadian and United Kingdom BIPOC residents of ALL genders.

ONLY Canadian and United Kingdom residents who are Black, Indigenous or of Colour can apply.

Each project can have up to a maximum of three (3) participants.

The Primary Participant must have a minimum of four (4) years’ experience in film or television, with or without a formal training background.


The Creators of Colour Incubator (CCI) is a year-round development and production hub for Canadian and United Kingdom producers and directors, that aims to create strong, compelling and sustainable content for the global market. The ultimate goal of the CCI is to increase the pool of, world-class, local film and television content, so as to build the region’s audio-visual capacity.



  • Contact Information including place of residency
  • Names of all Key Team Members (Director, Producer & Writer)
  • CV’s / Filmography for each Team Member (most recent only)
  • Showreels for each Team Member
  • Project Title
  • Project Synopsis
  • Script
  • Genre
  • Length & Format
  • Country of Production
  • Number of Episodes (if applicable)
  • Episode Titles & Synopsis of Each (if applicable)
  • Financing Plan & Preliminary Budget
  • Marketing Plan
  • Project Poster Image (must be JPG)
  • Pitch Video
  • Project Trailer

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Submission fees – $30 CAD
Note: Final selected Participants are required to pay $100 CAD as registration fees