Cabral Trotman

Cabral LARC Trotman is a filmmaker, certified arts educator and community activist who has worked in the areas of youth development and arts education for over a decade.

Project Title: Cabral Trotman

Camille Selvon Abrahams

Camille Selvon Abrahams is an award-winning multimedia producer and animator who returned to Trinidad & Tobago after spending five years honing her animation and multimedia production skills in the United Kingdom.
She graduated from Goldsmiths University of London with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Communications, specializing in animation. Her final year animation, The MasterPEACE, won the Royal Television Society Award in London.
Camille has recently invested substantial creative ingenuity into the development of the animation industry in Trinidad and Tobago. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival, the Caribbean’s first animation and new media festival. She is currently at the University of Trinidad & Tobago as Program Administrator and lecturer for the Animation Diploma. In 2007, Camille launched Full Circle Production animation studio. Camille was honoured with the Toronto-based CaribbeanTales Innovation Award for the work that she has achieved in the Caribbean in the field of animation.
Her most recent production is in development — a 26-part animation children’s series created in the Caribbean using the skills, music and talent of the people of the Caribbean.


Clement Richards

Clement Richards is an aspiring filmmaker and independent producer. In 2009, he won the Cinematic & Entrepreneurial Motivation Award (CEMA), presented by the United Nations Industrial Development Program, Caricom, and the Caribbean Export Development Agency.

Project Title: READIMADE! (“WHO’S DE DADDY?”)

Davina Lee

Davina Lee has over 10 years of experience in the television industry. She holds a BFA in Film from the Art Institute_Miami International University of Art & Design. Together with her sister she formed Lee Productions Inc., a television/film production company in 2000. In 2009, she received a Cinematic Entrepreneurial Motivational Award from the United Nations Development Organization (UNIDO) for her short film The Coming of Org & Other Stories.


Dawn Wilkinson

Dawn Wilkinson is a University of Toronto graduate and an alumni of the CFC Director’s Lab and Short Dramatic Film Program. She recently directed an episode of the half-hour comedy series She’s the Mayor for Hungry Eyes Film & Television and Vision TV.

Project Title: Dawn Wilkinson

Ernest Che Rodriguez

Ernest Che Rodriguez is an accomplished Caribbean producer/director/actor. His body of work encompasses some 20 films/documentaries, which he wrote, produced and directed for national, regional and international audiences.


Ian Harnarine

Ian Harnarine grew up in Toronto, the son of immigrants from Trinidad. He attended York University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy. Sticking with the sciences, Ian moved to Chicago where he earned a Master’s degree in Nuclear Physics.

Project Title: Ian Harnarine

Kirk J. Buchanan

Kirk J. Buchanan has been one of the leading Production Managers in film and video on the local media landscape. Prior to joining the Creative Production & Training Centre (CPTC) in 2000, he held senior management positions at CVM Television as Production & Training Manager up until 1998 when he was appointed General Manager of CVM Productions Ltd. He was also Manager for the Television Department of Jamaica Information Service (JIS) where he worked for 12 years.

He holds a joint UWI/MIND Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management. He received his technical and other management training from the Radio Netherlands Training Centre, Holland British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Institute of Management and Production (IMP) and, Administrative Staff College, in Jamaica. He has participated in several film and video production seminars as well as media courses conducted locally and overseas, including a workshop in radio and television production on “”The Relevance of the Media for Adolescents Growing up in Island Societies”” in Cotonou, Benin, Africa and, a radio and television seminar for Senior Managers and Officials conducted by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT).

He is currently the Deputy CEO, Director of Production for the Creative Production & Training Centre (CPTC) where he oversees the production of a number of award-winning documentaries, dramas and features.

Project Title: Uptown Bangarang

Lana Lovell

Lana Lovell began directing in earnest five years ago, after years of working as a researcher and producer for broadcast news and current affairs. Her new project, Crystal, in Black and White, will be her first feature film.


Lisa Harewood

Lisa Harewood fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2006 when she accepted the challenge of producing her first feature film, A Hand Full of Dirt, written and directed by Russell Watson. The film is currently being readied for market and is a testament to the resourcefulness and tenacity that all Caribbean filmmakers must possess to bring the region’s stories to light. Working with a shoestring budget and a largely non-professional cast, Lisa was able to draw on her 12 years of experience in the trenches of arts marketing, advertising, corporate video production and development support communication. Constantly on a quest to become a more versatile professional, Lisa holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of the West Indies and an MA in Creative and Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. She has also completed a course in Producing for Independent Film at the Metropolitan Film School in London where she gained a mentor in Oscar-nominated producer Jonny Persey (Solomon and Gaenor, Deep Water, Little Ashes). Lisa’s production company, Gate House Media, has two other projects in the pipeline: a literary adaptation of a Caribbean novella as well as a micro-budget documentary in which Lisa has stepped behind the camera as both cinematographer and director. Lisa is deeply committed to spearheading projects that explore original subject matter through collaborative, innovative and financially.

Project Title: Lisa Harewood

Lisa Wickham

Media producer/director/TV personality, Lisa Wickham is the CEO of Imagine Media International Limited, a multimedia production and event management entity based in Trinidad & Tobago. She is also the founder-publisher of E-Zone the Mag! and the Caribbean Film and Media Academy. Ms. Wickham is an alumna of the Warwick Business School, UK (MBA with Distinction), University of the West Indies (BSc Hons), Wirschaft Universität, Vienna, Austria, Indian Institute of Management.

Project Title: Lisa Wickham

Louis Taylor

In 1996, on discovering his partner’s pregnancy, Louis Taylor began writing Esther, Baby & Me. It became a huge festival hit and screened at over 25 festivals, winning multiple awards and broadcast on the CBC and PBS.

Project Title: DOKIS X

Mahmood Patel

Mahmood Patel is one of the driving forces behind the development of the audio visual industry in Barbados. He is the Director of the Bridgetown Film Festival in which producers from around the world participate. In particular, the film festival has given rise to the production and release of a number of indigenous films in Barbados.
He has performed the tasks of director, writer and director of production . His credits include: Now or Never, Una Casa Pa’ Maita, Teranga Blue, Hit for Six, The Shoes and Stone Houses.
He serves on the executive committee of the BFVA.

Project Title: RED FISH

Marc Gomes

Guyanese-born actor/director Marc Gomes graduated from the Ryerson University Theatre School. He went on to critical acclaim in productions of A Slow Dance On the Killing Ground, A Taste of Honey, and the North American premiere of Ryszard Kapuscinski’s The Emperor. He starred in several TV series, including Lightning Force, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Sue Thomas: FBEye and ABC’s Commander in Chief.


Mariel Brown

Mariel Brown has been working in television and print since 1997. She is the Director of the creative and production company SAVANT and Managing Editor of Meiling: Fashion Designer and Barbara Jardine: Goldsmith.

Project Title: Mariel Brown

Mary Wells

Mary Wells is an independent/freelance director, writer and producer presently based in Jamaica. She has almost 20 years experience in TV and film production. She has developed, produced and directed films mainly for the Caribbean region. She has a BA in Television Production and Theatre Arts from George Washington University, Washington, DC.


Penelope Hynam

Penelope Hynam has had a 30-year career in film and television production in North America and Barbados. A graduate of the University of Alberta, she worked in Toronto at the CBC and City TV, co-founded the documentary production company Mobius Productions, worked as a script reader for Telefilm Canada and as a script supervisor/continuity for over 40 films and TV dramas shot in Canada, Europe and the US.


Rommel Hall

While at the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill), Rommel Hall honed his storytelling skills when he was appointed Drama Coordinator of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.


Rubadiri Victor

Rubadiri Victor is a young multimedia artist/scholar and activist uniquely networked amongst generations of creative practitioners in Trinidad & Tobago. His multimedia and intergenerational work has led him to become one of the country’s foremost cultural activists and a scholar with new critical takes on contemporary cultural theory. His company, Ringbellion Multi-Mediaworks Ltd., is in advanced pre-production with the children’s movie The Princess, another film Inheritance, and a six-part documentary series.

He has written and directed music videos, a children’s TV series, and documentary segments. He created and curated the pioneering Caribbean Film Club, which opened with the first local tribute to UK/Trini film director Horace Ove. Rubadiri’s publishing company, Passion Fruit Publishing Ltd., is publishing a series of manuscripts, including Generation Lion, his historic magazine that documents T&T’s creative genius at home and in its diaspora. This culminated two decades of creative writing in fiction and non-fiction, includes scholarly papers delivered in local and international conferences. The University of the West Indies Youth Printing Press is named after one of his papers.

Rubadiri worked with many of the leading theatrical troupes in T&T as lead actor, set and costume designer, and art director. As a visual artist he works in the media of painting, sculpture, TV, film and Mas and has had nine one-man exhibitions. Rubadiri is the Interim President of the Artist Coalition of Trinidad and Tobago „ the umbrella body for T&T’s arts organizations.

Project Title: THE PRINCESS

Sharon Lewis

Sharon Lewis is a published author and playwright, director, actor and TV host. Her short film, Chains, recently premiered at the prestigious ABFF in 2009, along with winning awards worldwide and airing on HBO.

Project Title: Sharon Lewis