Shakirah Bourne

Shakirah Bourne is a Barbadian writer and filmmaker. Her first feature film, the comedy-drama, PAYDAY, has been screened throughout the Caribbean, USA and UK, and won Best Film and Best Script at BIMFILMS 2014. She has written three films since its debut in 2013: Two Smart (writer/co-director), Next PAYDAY (writer/producer) and A Caribbean Dream (writer/director). Her first collection of short stories, In Time of Need, was released on November 30th 2013, and won the prestigious Governor General Award for Excellence in Literary Fiction. Recently, her play, “Tales of an Obeah Man”, which was produced by The Gap Theatre, had a sold-out run. She was also commissioned by the National Cultural Foundation to write a musical, “Mirror Mirror, Show Me a Hero”, which will be featured as one of Barbados’ 50th anniversary iconic events in November 2016.

Project Title: Visit With the Obeah Woman

Visit with the Obeah Woman is a thriller anthology series narrated by an Obeah Woman, depicting local encounters with Caribbean folkloric characters and legends through parables to her unseen clients. Her advice comes in the form of Barbadian proverbs, which she directly correlates to the moral dilemmas of each client.