Nicolas Cuellar + Nadege Robertson

Nicolás Cuellar is a film director and editor for social documentary and narrative projects worldwide. He freelances for several television production companies in Haiti, Colombia and Guatemala. He is the creative director of Gabriel Films, documentary production company in New York, where he resides.

He works since 2010 in Haiti, where he trained a local team of audio-visual production. With his team, he has produced over 65 short documentaries for the work of NGOs in the country and now carries the first season of a television series called in Creole “A FOREST GROWTH IN HAITI”. He is currently spearheading the creation of a film industry in Haiti in partnership with FOKAL and Gabriel Films.

Some of his most recent work includes a cooking show in Guatemala called DESAFIO CULINARIO, broadcasted in Guatemala’s prime time. He was the editor for the Australian documentary FRACKMAN in 2014. He directed and edited the documentary CAST THE FIRST STONE, winner of the “Bahamas Film Festival Spirit Of Freedom & Documentary Audience Award for Best Documentary” in 2013.

Project Title: Fontizon - a Forest Grows in Haiti

Fontizon is a Haitian environmental love story set in an imaginary village, Fontizon following the lives of a young couple in a community caught between poverty and their deep-seeded reverence for the land. They must learn new, creative environmental practices while finding the strength to stay together to save the community from an aggressive development plan that would convert Fontizon’s sacred forest into wood and charcoal.